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Through our workshops in schools, prisons and businesses, the Centre interacts with the education of the image and the analysis of gender representations. We have thus created a site of teaching tools, Genrimages.org.
A workshop on gender and sexual orientation representations based on varied audiovisual documents: educational shorts, fictions, tv program extracts, tv news, advertising, documentaries. Decoding images and sound leads to deconstructing the characters, situations and techniques of the film so as to bring to light the mechanisms at work in a film.
  A workshop for fiction or documentary films: scenario writing, shooting preparation, location scouting, constitution of teams for the movie camera, sound, shooting, editing and screening. 
The completed document will then be able to be used as a basis for future work.
The aim of the training is to introduce the history of human rights concerning gender or sexual orientation to all groups. This approach is based on film analysis: documentaries, fiction, clips, ads, etc.
The aim is to encourage the participants to think about the role of image in the construction and representation of gender and sexual orientation, as well as in the representation of cultures.
The cinema is considered not only as an art but also as a research tool that can highlight people's place and contribution to the society, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Participants will thus be led to think about their own representations.
  • Primary school: all grades
• Middle school: all grades
• High school: all grades
We design our workshops and work with the teachers and their pedagogical aims
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