The training sessions and workshops offered by the Simone de Beauvoir Audiovisual Center are suitable for all audiences: associations, collectivities, companies, etc. The team is also able to respond to specific requests and to set up projects corresponding to specific needs and interests.

Programming workshop
This workshop covers all the steps that festival and cinema selection committees have to go through. The first part consists in watching, analyzing, commenting on and discussing films. The approach is simple, pedagogical and open, yet all the technical terms are broached. Then there is the final selection, writing up the summary of the film and the articles on each film selected and preparation of the program. We also deal with public relations and communication and the presentation to the public. This workshop is carried out as a team, from viewing the films to the final computer version and the layout of the program.


Post viewing discussion workshop
Moderating a discussion or a gathering after the projection of a film can be a delicate exercise. In this workshop we provide some tools to help present a film before the projection and lead the discussion after it.
Learning to field the key questions and the traps to avoid, to let everyone have her say and avoid bogging down on one point are the themes of this workshop. The closing of the discussion should be a lively and warm moment.

Directing workshop
We will create a fiction or documentary short film on genre, girl-boy representations and woman-man equality representations. This workshop covers scenario writing, shooting preparation, location of shots, training of the teams of camera, sound, shooting, edition, projection, etc. The finished document can then be used as material for future interventions.