Presentation (eng)

The Simone de Beauvoir Audiovisual Center was created in 1982 by Carole Roussopoulos, Delphine Seyrig and Ioana Wieder. These three militant and activist feminists, all video practitioners, aimed their cameras so to speak at the preservation and creation of audiovisual documents concerning the history of women, their rights, fights and creations. At the same time, they continued to practice their own work as directors.

Closed in 1993 for mostly financial reasons (see “our history,” which chronicles the center’s life and actions between 1982 and 1993), the Center was reborn in 2003 with a new team and more general ambitions. An educational dimension to read an image and fight against stereotypes linked to sexed representations in audio-visual was added to the initial aims.

Moreover, the Center’s team continues to produce and turn out films and works with artists through the creation of the Travelling feminist collective and by making its archives available to women artists for their inspiration.