Membership/ Support

You share our missions:

  • Disseminate, preserve and enhance/enrich audiovisual collections
  • Teach how to read an image, fight stereotypes
  • Participate in contemporary creation

You support our activities :

  • Workshops for young audiences, in school or not, and adults in companies or in other structures
  • Showings and workshops for people in prison, in particular in the prison at Fleury Mérogis
  • Dissemination of films and videos from our archive, for all audiences
  • Video recordings of demonstrations, conferences, colloquia,…

Two ways to help us carry out our mission :

> Join the Association of the Simone de Beauvoir audiovisual Center
(dues for 2018: member 25 €; student or job seeker 15 €; company 55€)

> Donate to the Association of the Simone de Beauvoir Audiovisual Center

(this donation provides a tax rebate, 66% for individuals and 60% for businesses.)